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Essy 1994 Art Student/Fashion Blogger
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I finally came around to making this…

Name : Essy Park (yes, that’s my real name)
           Korean name is Jae Hee
           Japanese name is Kumi
Ethnicity : Korean , Japanese
Height : 5’2 (so short T.T)
Weight : Usually 38kilo; Fluctuates between 83-87 lbs
             I am a pescetarian vegan, I am lactose intolerant
             I’m skinny because of my genes-> Mom was 70 pounds when she was my age                and is still under 100 now, Dad is hella skinny, Brother is 140 at 5’9
Hair : Mothership Salon (ask for Terry, she’s my cousin)
         I don’t blowdry or straighten my hair, I airdry
         I use any drugstore shampoo and Tresseme conditioner
Clothes : I shop at fleamarkets, thrift stores, melrose, forever21, urbanoutfitters
Skin : St. Ives Green Tea scrub (wash) Sunscreen (wear) BB Cream (low coverage)
          I don’t have acne/skin problems but my skin is very dry :c 
Music : Jrock !!!!!!!!!!! and classic rock 

More about me… (are you guys bored yet ?)

My first language was Korean, then English. 
I learned to speak Japanese from my grandmother later on. (And I still suck ass at it)
I am an aspiring artist and am applying to art colleges. ( illustration ! )
I drink Emergen-C every morning (wow, this is random)
I love… patbingsoo and purikura
I’m friendly… talk to me c: If you see me around town (lawl), please say hi ! (:

Okay… I have no idea what else to add to this, so if you have any other questions, just post them in my ask box !