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Finally, I will start uploading photos of the clothing I plan to sell. 
All of the details will be posted under every photo of the product.

There is a link on my profile named “CLOTHES”, where all this information and where all the items will be posted and saved under. Please refer back to that link. If you have any further questions after reading this post carefully, feel free to ask me. 

The is how this is going to work:
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Meaning whoever messages me first will receive the product. ( I have missing E, so I have the date and time of all my posts and messages, so it will be fair. You obviously cannot be on anonymous or I will not know who the buyer is.  
If the buyer who is first is not a committed buyer, (meaning they have not paid yet,etc.) the product will go to the next person. ( I will ask that person if he/she is still interesting in buying the product. If not, it goes to the next person,etc.)

You’re going to need paypal. I will give you my paypal e-mail and you will send me the money for the product you want to purchase.
If you don’t have paypal and are willing to risk concealed cash, that can work. I am not responsible for any lost money in the mail. I will also have to wait for the money to come to me first in order for me to send you the item.
If you are choosing to meet up with me to receive your item, you can also pay me in cash upfront. 

You guys are going to have to pay for shipping, too.
Shipping will probably be around 4 bucks, I’ll let you guys know.
If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, I am willing to meet up and personally give you whatever you bought. (just don’t kidnap me)
But hey, I’ll give you guys free candy…I hope that makes up for the shipping

I’ll reblog this after all the photos of the clothes have been uploaded !
Thanks guys !

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